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Chris St.Cyr

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“Occasionally in life, there are people who shock you by providing a basic need you didn’t realize you lacked. From Chris, it was a disturbingly unshakeable belief that I was capable of succeeding.”

—Soleil Paz, B.F.A. 2018, The College of Saint Rose

“Chris’ knowledge and great enthusiasm for design, combined with a bottomless well of positivity, made for an educational environment that transcended the subject to become about learning as a whole.”

—Rob Hendricks, B.F.A. 2014, The College of Saint Rose

“I enjoyed class with Chris because it was different. It wasn’t about questions and answers, it was about questions and more questions which sparked ideas.”

—Dani Dayton, B.F.A. 2016, The College of Saint Rose

“Every conversation I ever had with Chris led to turning points, whether it be in my work or my life. His guidance creates unparalleled confidence and inspires you to strengthen your knowledge.”

—Gabby Gordon, B.F.A. 2020, The College of Saint Rose

“The quality of Chris’ curriculum coupled with his thoughtful and thorough approach helped me and my peers better understand complex design concepts. His wit and patience enabled students to comfortably and independently develop unique design solutions.”

— Josh Terry, B.F.A. 2016, The College of Saint Rose


Interactive Timeline

Interactive Timeline

Research a topic, develop three user flows, and design an interface of an interactive timeline that the user would…


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Rensselaer Capital Campaign

Rensselaer Capital Campaign

Launching a capital campaign is an important undertaking for an institution, and it is imperative that the campaign communications be strategic and impactful. During our intake meeting, we discovered that the advancement team relied heavily on one-sheet communications delivered to prospective donors in a folder. We moved this important content to…