In this interactive project students bring together technical skills from past projects with new knowledge about basic interaction design principles to translate a print poster into an interactive poster. The students researched posters to use as the content for this project. They then develop storyboards to visualize how the user might interact with the poster to customize the design and/or reveal new layers of information.

*You may need to zoom out with your browser to view the entire poster.

Alex Reyes

Alex Reyes (original poster design: Josef Müller-Brockmann). *View interactive poster (Click and drag to reposition type and sections of the poster).

Giselle Salgado

Giselle Salgado (original poster design: Bisgràfic). *View interactive poster (Click and drag to reposition type and graphics elements).

Jillian Bromby

Jillian Bromby (original poster design: Paul Rand). *View interactive poster (Click and drag to reposition the vertical lines of text).

Josh Parenti

Josh Parenti (original poster design: unknown). *View interactive poster (Rollover to enlarge text. Click to reveal new information).